About Us

e-Liquid Factory is your trusted eLiquid or eJuice manufacturer – we employ high quality standards to provide our clients with an outstanding product. We offer a large variety of high quality formulas, custom bases, flavourings and manufacturer supplies at an affordable and competitive rate.

Customer Support

We understand that each of our customer’s needs are not only unique but complex as well.  So, our knowledgable and eager staff are here to help you with your private label requirements should you need some assistance!

Customer Support

We believe that finding a private label manufacturer is a great way to increase your sales and giving this personal touch to your eLiquid bottles. At a great discounted price, private label is offered by e-Liquid Factory! Please visit our private label page for more information!

North American Based Products

e-Liquid Factory is a proud American/Canadian brand. We make sure your experience is one we and our employees would want when dealing with another business. This means we listen to your concerns and as well your needs. Offer wholesale product at a fair price. And lastly, pride ourselves in using only the finest North American based products.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in our attention to quality, accuracy and service; That is why we will always do our very best to meet your scheduling needs and assured your complete satisfaction.

Contact Information

Lastly, we always look forward to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges in the e-Liquid market. So contact us today!