e-Liquid Flavour Concentrates

Another e-Liquid opportunity is purchasing e-Liquid Flavour Concentrates! We know that mixing your own eJuice can be fun. As well may be cheaper than buying ready made e-Liquid. e-Liquid Factory offers a huge variety of flavour concentrates to help you create your own customised eJuice. Our e-Liquid flavour concentrates are food grade, FDA approved and are produced from trusted North American suppliers. Our concentrates will not leave you with any undesired tastes or aftertastes.

e-Liquid Flavour Concentrates

e-Liquid Factory manufactures e-Liquid Flavour Concentrates for the Electronic Cigarette industry. We believe our customers deserves a flavour concentrate that tastes amazing and lasts longer. That is why we always provide fresh concentrates every time. You can taste the difference quality products make.

e-Liquid Concentrate Flavours

Flavour concentrates come in many styles, colours, forms, and concentrations. We offer over 100 different flavours. Also, feel free to request a sample to test the flavour or flavours. Then, contact us if you need help choosing the best flavour concentrate for your creation.

Delicious Flavours

Our concentrates offer an excellent fresh, rich taste that you can use to mix mouthwatering e-Liquids! Mix our tasty flavour concentrates with your perfect PG/VG blend. Then create your own fresh and delicious eJuice. You can create fruity or sweet, tobacco or even dessert! The flavours are endless!

Premium Product

Also our flavour concentrates contain no diacetyl or stevia. In addition they leave no undesired tastes, or after tastes. Lastly, they are made from FDA approved food grade flavours. As well, our products are North American made! Low quality products best look out! We have raised the bar for quality!

Contact Information

In conclusion, eLiquid Factory is committed to helping everyone achieve great results with our products. So if you have questions about using our products. Please let us know. We will make every effort to get you the information you need. So don’t delay. Contact a friendly representative today! e-Liquid factory has everything you need. We also offer wholesale liquid nicotine. Contact us to see everything we have to offer!