e-Liquid Supplies

e-Liquid Factory provides a great range of eLiquid making supplies such as plastic bottles, bulk PG/VG, flavourings and child safe bottle caps. Be that as it may, these products are all available for purchase at a great wholesale discount!

Empty Plastic Dropper Bottles

Firstly, the packaging of your product is very important. It is important to listen to your customers about their wants and needs. It has been found through recent questionnaires with our clients that clients prefer plastic bottles over glass. Hence why we proudly carry plastic bottles. As well, it is convenient and easier to refill your electronic cigarette with a dropper top. This way you ensure the liquid goes where you want it to go! No one wants to lose a good portion of juice to inadequate tops and bottles. eLiquid is available in the following plastic dropper bottle sizes: 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml, 130 ml, 500 ml , 1000 ml.

Proplyene Glycol

eLiquid Factory offers PG in a variety of sizes perfect for consumers and wholesalers. Our Propylene Glycol is completely pure and available at a great price.  Buy our PG for wholesale in 1,000ml bottle size and take advantage of our amazing prices!!!

Vegetable Glycerin

However Vegetable Glycerin is super thick and produces tons of vapor. VG can not only be used for eLiquid, but also for cosmetics and sweeteners. 100% pure vegetable glycerin will not only create more smoke than PG but it is perfect for vapers that are allergic to PG. eLiquid Factory offers 100% pure VG in 1,000ml size bottles.

Flavour Concentrates

Next, are you looking for more e-Liquid supplies? We have the best flavour packs for mixing or adding to your creations. Get the flavour pack you want to spice up your own bottled eJuice or to create your own eLiquid blend at home! These are flavouring only and don’t contain any base or nicotine for vaping, intended for mixing purposes only. Feel free to see all of our incredible eLiquid concentrates and choose your favourite flavour! Our eLiquid concentrates contain no diacetyl or Stevia and gives no undesired tastes of aftertastes. Our products are also made in the USA with FDA approved food grade flavourings.

Contact Information

Ultimately eLiquid Factory is the leader in e-liquid supplies. So contact an associate today for more information!